April 10, 2020

White Space

This has to be my favourite rule and the one I find clients struggle to comprehend the most. While the other principles are about what to add, white space is about what NOT to add, or more accurately, what to leave empty.

Without white space content has no ro...

April 10, 2020

Movement - Lead the Eye.

Lets take a business card. What are the most important elements you want to convey in this limited space? In most cases it's your name, a primary contact method and a punchy 'what I do'

This person is called Maija, she helps you get in shape and...

March 27, 2020


This is often what people mean when they say they want a design to POP. The background is in strong contrast to the content.  

When working with type especially the contract between the lettering and the background is vital as it determines the size and weight...

February 19, 2020


Or as I prefer to call it 'Consistency'. It's very easy to feel like a kid in a sweet shop when you browse through all the fonts at your disposal, or open up the colour picker and start playing with the sliders but throwing everything and the kitchen sink at...

February 5, 2020


The size and weight of different elements of your design and how they relate to each other.

Lets look at another poster. The most important information here is 'Adult and Children's karate classes" Its the biggest text and its right in the middle. The benefits...

January 16, 2020

The second principle, or rule of design is


Every element on the page has a weight, or presence. This is achieved through colour, as well as size of element. You can achieve balance by creating a symmetrical layout, equal sizes of text on opposite sides, and image...