Do I Need a Business Card?

Hello again everyone. I can’t believe another month has gone by already. And it’s been a super busy month here at JuliaVDesign. Lots of Networking and 1-2-1’s meaning I’ve met so many new people and have more lined up to look forward to. This month’s blog is a little different, I’m not giving you a behind the scenes insight, take a look over on the Facebook page to hear what we’re up to at the moment. This month is more of a designers view on one of the things we do. One thing I’ve noticed during all these meetings is despite the ever-advancing digital age almost everyone I met still had a business card, and still asked for my card at the end of our meeting. We may live in an age where busi

The sun is shining

Hi Everyone. Is everyone enjoying the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having? I love the summer everyone seems happier and more relaxed in the warm weather. This month I’m keeping the blog quite short and sweet but giving you lots of lovely picture to look at instead. I know what you all want to know, how did the challenges go in June? Let me fill you in… Lets start with the video challenge. It seems you guys liked it so I will be doing it again but this time I will be going live! It’s a little extra challenge I did at the Interlink Expo, my first live video and it was much easier than recording and changing my mind like I did with last months blog. If you haven't seen it take a look at the Jul


Hi All, It’s blog time again. And this month my theme is Challenges. In particular the challenges I have set myself personally and professionally this month. So firstly the professional challenges. I’m going to come out from behind my computer screen a bit more. I’ve been networking for a long time now. Starting off with the Business Buzz groups in Bedford MK and Flitwick – all of which are great and I would highly recommend and then more recently joining the Busy Women Network with its great group of supportive business women and lovely lunches. But now its time to go bigger. I will be having a stand at this years Interlink Business Expo in Newport Pagnell on 11th July. It’s the first time

Life Self Employed.

I promised myself I would write a blog every month, I also know I am terrible at writing more than 5 sentences so this month I have struggled to put thoughts to paper. That said I have spent a lot of time this month with some really interesting people watched some great videos on being a designer, being a marketing person, being your own boss and am feeling motivated to write again. So this months topic is ’What do I love about being self employed’ 1. No more 9-6 / 8:30-5:30 Yes, you still have to earn money, yes you still have to respond to clients and get things done but some days you are fully motivated and full of ideas and creativity. Some you just want to watch Columbo and eat chocola

Time to Celebrate!

This week is a big week for JuliaVDesign. 11th April marks one year since I left the safety of employment and became a full time Freelance Graphic Designer. The decision to go it alone was not one I made for myself. It was thrust upon me by circumstances, but twelve months on I think it was one of the best things i’ve ever done. For a long time I wanted more variety than I was getting from my day job and had been taking occasional freelance work for a couple of years. But when I was made redundant in April 2016 I had to up my game. I wasn’t just going to wait for another full time role to come my way so after a weekend of feeling sorry for myself I got up on Monday morning determined to ach

More destruction than construction

So it’s been a few weeks since my first post and I thought it was time I gave you an update on the Squirrel Cave. Not much has happened yet. I’m pleased to say work has been taking priority. But there have been a few things done. The idea was to make the door a bit taller, even for me It was a little on the low side. A debate began regarding the possibility of it being a load bearing wall but the conclusion was that it was not and that knocking a few breeze blocks out above the existing door should be straight forward. So one Saturday morning, armed with hammer, chisel, crowbar and assisted by my dad work began to remove the existing door and frame. The door was the easy part. The frame put

New Blog, New Place

Hi guys. Here we are with my first ever blog post. As someone who was told I never wrote enough in English class, each post will probably be short and hopefully sweet. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy what I write and maybe it will give you an insight into my world. I’m going to start by telling you about something I’m really excited about. The new office... Every small business needs a place to work from; a shop front, a van, a desk. Like many new businesses I have spent the first few months working from a desk in the spare room. I have everything I need. My computer, notepad and pen, and when I’m lucky space for my coffee. The trouble is it’s a shared space. It’s the home of two growi

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