Community Support or Work on the Cheap?

Reading through my Facebook timeline as usual while I wait for the kettle to boil I see an article from the local independent press about a big local employer's new expansion. they are building a new multi-million pound operation and visitors centre in the town, securing hundreds of jobs and employing many more. Great for a town that has recently seen the loss of a number of key employers. What prompted this post is the article is about how they are asking the Graphic Design students at the local college to present their branding ideas for this new development. They're 'plans are to engage with education establishments as part of a drive to scout and recruit local talent' Now don't get me wr

10 Tips when working with a Graphic Designer

1. Can you design it for me in Word? The simple answer is NO. A Graphic Designer has a range of highly sophisticated software and a wealth of experience to be able to fine tune a design to look its absolute best. Word just does not have the same capabilities. If you want something you can edit later then I recommend you do it yourself. 2. It's a quick job. Unless you are asking your existing designer to update the phone number on your business card or send an previous artwork to a new printer always assume the job is NOT quick. Factor in time spent reading and replying to emails. Calling you to clarify your requirements. That even a simple design can be made up of multiple elements and compo

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