3 Today!

Wow, today is the JuliaVDesign 3rd Birthday. I've had some lovely messages from people wishing me a happy work anniversary. Its been a real rollercoaster of a year with events outside of the business but I've made it and am ending the year strongly. An annual review makes you look back over the highs and lows of the year. Some years there are single events or projects that leap out at you, others there is simply a steady stream of work that has been part of your journey to today. This year I've re-established connections with some returning clients who are embarking on new projects as well as working with some lovely new people just starting their own self employment journey. It's been anoth

Font Basics

When briefing or planning any design job it is important to consider the type of font that is best to use. Telling a designer you want something 'classic' or 'sophisticated' does not give enough direction. You do not necessarily need to know the names of specific fonts but the types will help you. Serif A serif is the 'foot' or 'hat' you see on letters. The traditional style of lettering has largely fallen out of fashion with designers in recent years. The reason? The way we digest information. Serif fonts are easier to read in printed form than san serif, but more difficult to read in digital formats. The sis because the serif allows the eye to flow more eerily across a large quantity of te

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