Principles of Design 4 of 7

Repetition Or as I prefer to call it 'Consistency'. It's very easy to feel like a kid in a sweet shop when you browse through all the fonts at your disposal, or open up the colour picker and start playing with the sliders but throwing everything and the kitchen sink at your design is one of the worst things you can do. Chose no more than three fonts and use them across your marketing and design. Stick to the colours of your brand with maybe one additional neutral or accent colour (depending on you brand colour pallet). Remember you want your customers to instantly identify you when they see your marketing not get confused.

Principals of Design 3 of 7

Proportion The size and weight of different elements of your design and how they relate to each other. Lets look at another poster. The most important information here is 'Adult and Children's karate classes" Its the biggest text and its right in the middle. The benefits and class information are given fairly equal priority in terms of font size, but by placing the class information in the red panel, that, becomes the second point you read. You will notice that although the poster is not divided into equal thirds the text areas are of a similar proportion, adding to the overall balance of the design.

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