Principles of Design 7 of 7

White Space This has to be my favourite rule and the one I find clients struggle to comprehend the most. While the other principles are about what to add, white space is about what NOT to add, or more accurately, what to leave empty. Without white space content has no room to breath, to be visible and to stand out. If you fill the page with content your brain is overloaded and your eyes can't focus on the message you are trying to deliver.

Principles of Design 6 of 7

Movement - Lead the Eye. Lets take a business card. What are the most important elements you want to convey in this limited space? In most cases it's your name, a primary contact method and a punchy 'what I do' This person is called Maija, she helps you get in shape and feel great and her number is 077... By combining the principles of Balance, Emphasis, and Proportion your eye is drawn to the three key pieces of information first. There is other information on there but it's not AS important.

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