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The Background

So, being open and honest here The owner of DSV Accounting is my husband Daljit. And all I am going 

to say here is working for close family can be tough, and initially working with Daljit was no exception.

So when Daljit first launched DSV Accounting, like many, many startups he wanted to spend his marketing

budget wisely and had very strong opinions of the look he wanted for his brand and marketing.

So despite many objections from me he went ahead with a logo and website that me, as a designer

advised against, but as a wife with access to the creative packages I produced. So this was the

first logo that DSV Accounting launched with. 

From his first networking meeting the problems with the branding became clear. People didn't

get what the logo represented. They thought it looked dated and overall did not like it. For those

who knew Daljit they also felt it didn't reflect him as a person.

So at this point Daljit came back to me and said 'you were right, can you re-brand me please?'

The Re-Brand

So I had the advantage of not needing to do the full discovery with Daljit that I would need to with a client I haven't worked with before. Daljit was now happy to completely step back and give e free reign on the design. He only specified that he wanted to use orange and blue if possible.

I knew that the branding for modern Accountancy firms is very clean and simple. They have moved away from traditional reds and golds and serif fonts, unless the firm has been established for many years. Breaking down the service Daljit wanted to provide to his clients. It's a single point solution for your accountancy needs and advice. From a startup through to established business needing Virtual FD support. Looking further into what is important to Daljit and what reflects his personality are his faith, his interest in Martial Arts and Oriental cultures.

And so I created three design options to present.

The Solution

One design stood out above the other two and Daljit loved the second option. Especially when I

explained the thinking behind it. The positive feedback on the new branding was instant. Daljit quickly

ordered a fresh set of business cards and took them to his next networking meetings. People who had

seen the previous design unanimously agreed that the new logo was much fresher, more modern and

they felt was more 'HIM'

From there I then run out a full set of creative visuals for other branded items. i also took a look at the

website Daljit had built for himself and completely overhauled it.

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