Life Self Employed.

I promised myself I would write a blog every month, I also know I am terrible at writing more than 5 sentences so this month I have struggled to put thoughts to paper. That said I have spent a lot of time this month with some really interesting people watched some great videos on being a designer, being a marketing person, being your own boss and am feeling motivated to write again. So this months topic is ’What do I love about being self employed’

1. No more 9-6 / 8:30-5:30

Yes, you still have to earn money, yes you still have to respond to clients and get things done but some days you are fully motivated and full of ideas and creativity. Some you just want to watch Columbo and eat chocolate. Maybe you’re not a morning person, like me. Or you have hobbies, children, other commitments you need to work around. Being your own boss means you can manage all these things the way that suits you best. And you don’t have to explain to anyone why you need two hours off tomorrow afternoon for an appointment.

Life Self Employed

2. Life outside 4 walls.

I worked in full time employment for 16 years and along with the clocking in and out I also had to be at my desk, in the same place for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Indeed working in an office with no windows some winters I barely saw daylight. Working for yourself, esp if you do your own marketing, sales, accounts keeping you rarely spend a full week at your desk. I never expected to spend a morning holding beautiful birds of prey while making business contacts. Or admiring Egyptian artifacts at The British Museum to make recommendation to a client. You never know what next week will bring.

3.Choosing who you work with.

We’ve all been there. Office politics can often lead to a toxic atmosphere that can leave you in tears at the thought of Monday morning. I’m not saying every client you have will be a dream but if they're not, your contract will only be for a short time and then you move on to work with someone else. And I’ve found there really are a lot of lovely people out there, esp in the small business world. People buy from people. A deciding factor in who you choose to work with and who chooses you is ‘do I like this person’ . By being yourself you will attract people who like you and we all want to work with people we like.

4. You are constantly learning.

Especially in the early stages of your business. You can be fantastic at what you do but do you know how to network? How to keep financial records? How to pitch to a client? Probably not all of those things but as you go you lean the basics of how to do all these things until you can employ another great business person to do it for you. If you find you don’t know how to do something you just take time out and learn it. You don’t have to ask to be sent on a course, or given permission to watch YouTube during work hours. You also learn a lot about yourself. About what scares you and how to overcome those fears in order to succeed.

5. Things your way.

Ultimately the biggest bonus of being your own boss is there’s no one telling you you can’t do something. If you want Christmas decorations in your office in June you can. If you want to shave your head or dye your hair green you can. You can show your tattoos, rock up in jeans and trainers to a meeting and sit in the pub garden drinking wine with your laptop on a Friday afternoon.

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