New Blog, New Place

Hi guys. Here we are with my first ever blog post. As someone who was told I never wrote enough in English class, each post will probably be short and hopefully sweet. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy what I write and maybe it will give you an insight into my world.

I’m going to start by telling you about something I’m really excited about.

The new office...

Every small business needs a place to work from; a shop front, a van, a desk. Like many new businesses I have spent the first few months working from a desk in the spare room. I have everything I need. My computer, notepad and pen, and when I’m lucky space for my coffee. The trouble is it’s a shared space. It’s the home of two growing businesses (my husband also works from home) as well as where everything ‘to do’ winds up. If we have visitors stay over we are either working in their bedroom or they are sleeping in our office.

The room has worked so far but, with both businesses growing, we need our own work spaces. Equally, we need a space we can shut the door on and ‘switch off’ at the end of the night. We are lucky enough to be on the move - a house with more space to spread out and make it work. Not only do I get the fun job of decorating a new home, but also the exciting job of creating my own office space.

Does anyone remember ‘The Broom Cupboard’ with Gordon the Gopher and Phillip Schofield? The home of Children’s TV in the 1980s. From this tiny space in Television Centre programmes were introduced, letters read out and careers launched. I may not be embarking on a career that will catapult me into the homes of millions but I do now have my very own Broom Cupboard!

This is it right now.

JuliaVDesign New Office Door

JuliaVDesign New Office

Now I know many of you have taken one look and laughed - the electrician and carpet fitter did. Yes it’s small but, firstly, I’m a shortie. Secondly I’ve always liked small space. There are dozens of pictures of me in cupboards, under tables and in tight spaces. I’ve gained the nickname of ‘Cave Squirrel’ because of it. To me the cupboard is too big just to store boring things like a vacuum cleaner and ironing board. There’s so much more potential.

And so the task of turning this uninspiring, overlooked corner of the house into my very own squirrel cave begins. I’ll be keeping you posted on it’s progress. The build, the fit out, and the move in. Watch this space...

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