The sun is shining

Hi Everyone. Is everyone enjoying the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having? I love the summer everyone seems happier and more relaxed in the warm weather. This month I’m keeping the blog quite short and sweet but giving you lots of lovely picture to look at instead. I know what you all want to know, how did the challenges go in June? Let me fill you in…

Lets start with the video challenge. It seems you guys liked it so I will be doing it again but this time I will be going live! It’s a little extra challenge I did at the Interlink Expo, my first live video and it was much easier than recording and changing my mind like I did with last months blog. If you haven't seen it take a look at the JuliaVDesign Facebook page. So, this month I'll be posting my blog live as well as here! Keep watching my Facebook page to catch me.

The second challenge was having my photo taken and I am pleased to say I loved the results. Sammi Spark did a fab job and if you check out my FB and Twitter accounts you can see one of my lovely new pics in use. I’m saving some of the others for later projects, but I might swap them about before then because they’re all so good.

JuliaVDesign New Headshots

The third challenge was Race for Life. I didn’t quite manage to jog the full 5k. I did about 3.5k and walked the rest. And yes, I did turn an attractive shade of pink to match my t-shirt. It was a really hot day! I did complete the course though in 43 minutes, which I’m REALLY proud of. Esp given that 9 weeks before I couldn’t jog across the road.

I’m also really proud of the whole Women Achieving team who together raised £335 for Cancer Research. Everyone did so well and it was a great day.

Race For Life

My last challenge was having my own stand at the Interlink Expo. I was very nervous going into it but there were lots of familiar faces It was so much fun and it was great chatting to all the other stand holders and visitors. I’m just doing the follow ups now and looking forward to making lots of new contacts.

JuliaVDesign Exhibition Stand

So what do we have coming up at JuliaVDesign. The diary is filling up with 1-2-1’s and holiday cover. I’m also busy networking in Beds ad Bucks meeting even more great people. So if you’re looking at getting a new product or service launched in the new School year, or your going to be short staffed because of the holidays then get in touch. I’ve set myself a new challenge for September, which I can’t wait to tell you all about so I’ll be back to fill you in soon.

In the mean time enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great Summer.

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