Do I Need a Business Card?

Do I Need a Business Card?

Hello again everyone. I can’t believe another month has gone by already. And it’s been a super busy month here at JuliaVDesign. Lots of Networking and 1-2-1’s meaning I’ve met so many new people and have more lined up to look forward to. This month’s blog is a little different, I’m not giving you a behind the scenes insight, take a look over on the Facebook page to hear what we’re up to at the moment. This month is more of a designers view on one of the things we do.

One thing I’ve noticed during all these meetings is despite the ever-advancing digital age almost everyone I met still had a business card, and still asked for my card at the end of our meeting. We may live in an age where business is conducted via email, Skype or instant messaging but the 85x55mm piece of card, plastic, metal or wood is still one of the most important tools in a business’s marketing strategy. They remain the fastest and most reliable way of sharing your details with others. Yet it’s probably the thing you rushed to put together yourself when you first started and haven’t looked at since.

Why is that? You might say you’ve been running your business for 2 or 3 years and have a healthy number of clients; you’re too busy doing what you do to worry about this little card you carry around and hand out when you meet people.

But have you noticed how many times you been handed a card and said ‘I like that’? How often does a distinctive card in your wallet or diary make you look again at the details and consider the person and business it is from? If other people’s cards stand out to you does your card stand out to them?

If you’re a regular networker how many times do you see the same faces at meetings? Maybe you keep seeing the same person who you would love to work with but you gave them your card 6 months ago and you haven’t converted that into a relationship. You speak regularly but they still haven’t called and you don’t want to call them scaring them off. How do you make sure they haven’t lost your contact details? What if you had a new business card? Would it be an easy way of refreshing their mind on how to reach you?

So what’s stopping you changing the look next time you place an order for cards? Time, interest, don’t know how to? Have you thought of outsourcing the job? A Graphic Designer can help you make the most of that little rectangle of marketing space. It doesn’t just need to be your name and number; it can be so much more.

Never underestimate the value a well designed card can bring to your business.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone and I’ll see you again in September.

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