Why You Should Outsource Your Logo Design

When you are first starting your business it's easy to get lost in the excitement of wanting to take ownership of everything and keeping. close eye on expenditure. Couple that with the 100s of websites and YouTube videos that tell you you can 'Do It All Yourself' it's easy to believe creating your logo is another one of those things you can do one evening and save yourself a few pounds. So why shouldn't you? You've got Photoshop right? You know what your favourite colour is right? Why do you need a Designer? Well let me tell you.

1. Objectivity.

You may have a great idea for a logo, something you really believe reflects you and your industry. But would anyone else see the connection? Is the imagery really conveying what you think it is or is there another way someone might interpret it? Red might be your favourite colour but does it convey the sense of caring and trustworthiness that you want to achieve?

2. Knowledge

I say it often, YOU are fantastic at what YOU do because you have trained long and hard to get where you are. You have industry specific knowledge that only comes from experience. The same is true of a designer. Sometimes they just 'know' when something is right or wrong. They know what to take into account when designing a logo to ensure it is future proof and that it will work where ever you choose to use it. They know about how fonts and colours influence the audience and how to get the right balance of elements and white space to make your logo stand out.

3. Tools.

Again, if you've read my other posts you will know that while I truly believe Photoshop is a great programme it's not the right one for everything. Designers don't spend lots of money each month subscribing to the full Adobe suite because it's 'nice to have' the specific programmes are designed to do different things and to create a fully adaptable logo you need the right software. Yes the on-line platforms might have something that does the job, but do you choose to use the best equipment for your business, or a poor imitation with a host of limitations.

4. Originality

So, your website hosting platform now offers a logo design feature. Vistaprint can help you design your logo for next to nothing in minutes BUT how different does it look from everyones else logo? Are these sites just providing you with templates that you pick a font, pick a colour and type your name into. Do some research, look around and see how many versions of the same thing you see. Is that what you want for your business? Or do you want something as unique and individual as you?

5. Time

You're about to start your business. You need to organise your finances, your accounts, your work space or office, order your stock or refine your services, find where you are getting your clients from. Do you really have time to design a logo as well? Spend time on the areas only you can do and where you are needed.

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