Understanding Colour 2

I've recently been asked what the difference is between hue, tint and shade when I'm talking about colour. So I thought I'd put together.a quick guide to help you, and give me something to refer people to when i'm trying to explain.


The hue is a colour in its pure form. Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow etc. Think of it as a tin of paint. Open the tin, dip your brush in and use. That is Hue.


The tint of a colour is what you get when you add white. Again, go to your tin of paint. Before you put it on the wall you think it looks a little too intense. So you open a tin of white and pour some in. The more white you add the lighter the TINT becomes. (NB: In reality if you want to lighten a dark tin of paint add some of the colour TO white, not the other way round, you use MUCH less paint that way and it takes a lot less mixing :-))


To achieve a shade of a colour you do the opposite of creating a tint,

you add black. The more black you add the darker the shade becomes.


To alter the tone of a colour you need to add black AND white (or grey) to the solid hue. Altering the tone darkens the original colour while also making it more subtle and less intense.

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