How Much?

I was asked by someone in my network recently to quote for a logo design for a second business they were launching later this year. It was someone I've known for a few years, they've seen my work and heard testimonials from others in the network. I gave them 3 quotes, depending on budget and how much they needed from me in terns of ideas, final files and additional materials. they came back quite quickly saying 'they didn't think it would be that much'. They were looking to spend about £50.

It was obvious that despite everything this person had heard they did not see the v

alue of what a Graphic Designer can do. So for this person, and anyone else out there who wants to know why you pick someone like me over Fiver or Vistalogo. Let me explain.

Cheap logo design has it's place.

If you are running s 'side hustle' (I'm not keen on that phrase) selling homemade crafts on Etsy or even if your a tradesman who gets 99% of their work through word of mouth rather than advertising cheap logo design is probably for you. You're a small business, you will always be a small business and your clients are one off sales, or just local people who stick with someone they trust.

However if you have dreams of being BIG. Being the leading player in your field, opening a national chain, or just being taken seriously in a hugely competitive market you should invest a bit more in the logo that's going to represent you on everything you do.

So why pay more?


When you approach an online design platform, or even a freelance hiring platform for you logo design you are making a purchase. A simple financial transaction. You tell the person what your business is called, what it does and they go away and come back with 1-3 ideas for you to pick from. You might get a couple of revisions but thats about it.

When you approach me, if I don't already know you or your business I ask questions, What's your target audience? How do they find you? Who are your competitors? How will you use your logo initially? How might you use it in the future.... I get to know as much about you and your business as I can, that way I can create something that you feel is 'YOU'. You're launching a new business or product. You are excited. And because I get to know you, I get excited too, I get invested in YOUR passion for what you do, and that shows in the logo's I create.

More than just a logo.

With a cheap logo design you get a logo. Maybe a couple of file formats. You have no ideas how it should be applied to your business card, or your letterhead, or how it should look on the side of your delivery van. You don't know what colours they've used other than it's blue, or pink, or green.

With me, you get that information. In the concept presentations I show you how the options could look across your key touch points so you can make a more informed decision. When you sign off I give you a guide with the names of the fonts used, the colour references, not just the hex code but also the RGB and CMYK so no matter what I, you or someone else is creating for you, your colours are consistent.


I've lost track of how many times I've said this. 'You are an expert in what you do, that's why clients should choose you and why you charge the rates you do. I'm a professional in what I do' I could cut your hair for free. But it would be the worst hair cut you've ever had. I could draft your Will for you. But it probably wouldn't be legal.

Many of the online platforms rely on students making a few £ in an evening putting logos together in Photoshop (it's the wrong program, read my blog on outsourcing your logo design). You end up with a .jpeg file that you will have to pay to have re-created when you want to put it on a roller banner because the file you have just pixelates.

Or you find you are working with designers from all over the world. Two crucial problems with that.

1. Language barrier. 'Jason' from Delhi may have better English than your Hindi but does he actually understand what you are asking for.

2. If you operate solely in the UK market you need a UK designer who understands the culture. Ask an American (who's not traveled to the UK) to describe Britain and they will probably say wet and doesn't everyone live like Downton Abbey.

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