Car Rebrands

Have you noticed over the last couple of years a number of car manufacturers have had a re-brand?

Gone are the shiny chrome 3D logo's of the 80s and 90s and in are monotone, flat logo's, simplifying the key shapes we all recognise.

Is this just the latest trend or is there more to it?

Car manufactures actually update their logo's quite often, making subtle changes that on the whole the consumer doesn't notice. The logo's of the 80s and 90s were designed to look like they were made of metal, strong, durable and reliable.

Consumers would typically see advertising on Television, on Billboards or in Newspapers and Car Magazines, where the logo would be big and bold. Now we are surrounded by advertising. All over your social media feed, at he side of your search results and every product seems to have an App these days.

The flat, single colour logo's work much better in the digital world.

While most manufactures will keep the previous logo on the grill of their latest model the new flat designs will be used across all marketing

Volvo have had 9 different logos since 1927

Valkswagen 13 since 1937

Toyota 5 since 1936

Audi, 5 since 1909

BMW has had 6 versions since 1917

Citroen, 9 since 1919

Nissan, 12 since 1933

Vauxhall, 8 since the company started in 1857

Mini, 6 since 1959

Peugeot, a whopping 17 since the company started in 1810!

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