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Print design is dead. It's a phrase I hear often and that recently I've had sleepless nights over.

Like many others I was looking forward to the lifting of restrictions and not only being able to see friends and family again but also being back in a room, networking. There's something so 'human' about sitting round a table, talking to other business owners, getting to know them and finding surprising connections that I've missed enormously over the last 18 months.

It's probably the designer in me but I loved the business card shuffle, seeing everyones take on the humble 85 x 55 piece of card, or browsing the latest product leaflet, price list or event advert as they were passed round.

However what has become apparent is networking, along with many other aspects of the 'new work normal' will remain virtual. We will still meet, but from behind our screens. We will share our latest offerings and vital statistics but in the chat box.

So, if we aren't all about to return in person, do businesses still need to consider printed design?

The answer of course is it depends on your business. Restaurants still need menus, Theatres still need posters, and it may come as a surprise to companies like Argos but people DO still like browsing through a physical catalogue of products.

As you may have seen over on my social media I've been posting about the things I've seen out on my daily walks. One day I spotted an Estate Agent's board with a little 'extra'. It got me thinking. How much physical print do we still come across every day and don't realise. So on one walk I spotted all this within a 1 mile radius of my very suburban starting point.

All of these businesses still use print media, all be it on a larger scale, or unfamiliar materials to advertise themselves. My challenge to you is, how much printed material can you see when you go for a walk? And have you considered using any of it to promote your business?

Drop your replies - with photos if possible to me one Ron my FB or Linkedin pages.



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