Paper Sizes and Documents

If you're based outside the US you will be familiar with what an A4 page looks like. You can picture it. You probably also have a fair idea of what an A5 is (A4 folded in half), and if you've ever been in a meeting or a training session you will probably know what an A1 flip chart looks like.

But what about those other sizes? How many are there and what do you use them for?

A0, most commonly used for technical drawings or posters.

A1, used for flip carts and internal posters and signage

A2, often used for maps of theme parks or attractions

A3, used to create A4 double pages spreads of multi page A4 documents

A4, the most common paper size, used for everything from leaflets and worksheets to A5 double page spreads and multi page booklets

It is because printers use A3 or A4 pages to create multi page booklets, brochures and catalogues that you will need to ensure a page count that is divisible by 4 for your content. Otherwise you may find yourself with blank pages at the start and finish of your document when printed.

A5, commonly used for leaflets and notebooks

A6, used for greetings cards, postcards and smaller notebooks. Usually created by printing on larger sheets and trimming to size.

A7, mainly used for labelling or post-it notes

A8, Slightly smaller than a business card this is a great size for creating cards at home as you can fit 8 A8 cards on a single A4 page.

Another common paper size used by designers and printers is DL. Either as a single or double sided document 210 x 99mm in size or more commonly as an A4 'Trifold' piece of paper to create a 6 sided leaflet.

And lastly Business Cards. While you have no doubt seen a wide variety of cards on your travels, all different shapes and sizes the standard card is 55 x 85mm. It is the size best suited to fit in a wallet or card holder and therefore more likely to be retained by the recipient.

So if you've read this far, I have a challenge for you. Can you fold an ordinary piece of A4 paper in half MORE than 7 times?

Give it a go.

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