The Healing Shed Logo.jpg

The Background

The Healing Shed is a beautiful independent run studio in Bedfordshire. Owner and therapist

Jen provides beauty treatments including nails, lashes and facials as well as alternative treatments

including Reike, and Reflexology.

Jen launched the business in 2015 working largely with existing contacts and building through word of mouth referrals. She invested in branding with another local creative. who designed a logo she loved and felt reflected her business and personality.


Following a break in 2016 she looked to re-launch with a new focus on growing through networking and making new contacts. Her original creative had moved away and so Jen was looking for a new designer to help her. As anyone who's spent any time in Bedford will testify 'everyone knows everyone' and it was by chance that when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend we realised we had been to school together!


So we sat down over a coffee and discussed what she needed to help her feel confident and professional when out networking and promoting The Healing Shed. We decided to keep it simple, a business card and price list to begin with. 

The Brief

The brief was simple. Jen wanted to use the purple from her logo as well as the font where possible. There was a lot of text to be added, both to the business card and price list so the challenge came in striking the balance of presenting all the information Jen, and her clients would need and making it clear and readable.

The Solution

The solution to the business card was not to apply the usual rules. A standard business card is presented

in Landscape format. Occasionally you might choose portrait, particularly if the orientation of your logo

dictates or if you want to include longer lists of services or products. Jen's logo is very landscape but she

also wanted to include her contact details AND list of key services. so we instantly had a conflict.

The solution, design a card that was both landscape and portrait. Jen loved how I took the butterfly from 

the logo and used it as a  watermark behind the text. 

THS BC.jpg
THS Pricelist.jpg

For the Price List again there was a lot of content to fit into a compact space. I used the 'handwritten' style logo font and purple highlights to section the list and make it easy to navigate. I also replicated the butterfly icon to tie the price list to the business card and maintain the house style. Adding some subtly but beautiful stock imagery gave an extra dimension, stopping the page spread being a solid list of information and adding a touch of professionalism and quality.

THS Leaflet.jpg

The Feedback

Jen had lots of positive feedback from new contacts and existing clients on the look of her new stationary. I saw this first hand when I was at a networking meeting with her and the price list was passed round. Jen also told me she felt more confident in herself and the quality of her services when she presented them along with the business card and price list.

What Next?

So I have continued to work with Jen since this initial project. In the run up to Christmas that first

year Jen wanted to have gift vouchers that could be purchased as gifts. Previously this was

something she had done her self as an email, but she wanted a physical voucher. The design again

took its inspiration from the business card and price list making it instantly recognisable. We

printed on a matt card stock so Jen could hand write the value and recipient information cleanly.

THS Voucher.jpg

Jen continues to network and hit the same problem many of us do, that once someone has your

business card they are unlikely to take a second the next time they meet you. You want to give

them a reason to take your details again and to look a-fresh at your service. So we created a separate A5 leaflet. This also meant Jen was not giving out her more expensive price list to cold prospects, saving herself in re-print costs. Again both these new items have had great feedback from people she has shared them with she loves them.